12th EU-Albania SAPC meeting starts in Tirana, Macovei: Implement justice reform

The European Union (EU)-Albania Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee is holding its 12th meeting in Tirana, headed by MEP Monica Macovei from the European Parliament delegation and MP Taulant Balla from the Albanian one. MEP Macovei called for more focus on constructive progress and for Albanian parties to unite their forces in the efforts for the country’s EU integration. She underlined the implementation of the vetting process as the key priority for Albania at the moment, saying that for the EU the path to integration was clearly through the justice system reform. MP Balla also stressed the importance of the justice reform and the vetting process, while calling for a national pact with the opposition to the benefit of the opening of EU integration negotiations. Addressing the participants, Head of the EU Delegation to Albania Ambassador Romana Vlahutin said Albania had a real chance in regards to accession negotiations, attributing the progress made mostly to citizens’ work to change the country’s reality for the better, in addition to efforts of the government’s and opposition’s efforts. The importance of the justice reform was stressed out by Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati also, who said it proved the impact of the EU integration process better than any other reform. During the meeting, Democratic Party (DP) MP Genc Pollo, on the other hand, raised the question on whether Brussels was properly informed on the situation of cannabis in the country. To this, Ambassador Vlahutin replied their information was based on the data received by the Italian Guardia di Finanza, as specified in their last year’s report.


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